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 Warning System/Points System added

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PostSubject: Warning System/Points System added   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:55 pm

I added a warning system and a points system. They work as such:


Your warning is the bar on your profile and you can only get warned 3 times before being banned. There's no way to undo the warning unless your ban time is up.

Also, the first time you get banned, it's for a week. The second time, it's for a month, and the third time, it's a permaban.

3 strikes and you're out, so to avoid getting warning, please behave properly on the forums.

Point System

Well the points here are called credits and you may be wondering, what will they be used for?

Well, when we get more members, I will open up a store where you can request and buy things with your points. Not only that, but it will only be one store in an entire marketplace where you, the members, may open up your own store so you can gain even more points!

You get awarded points like so:

+1 per post, +3 per topic, +1 per day since registration, +2 per friend, and various points for the marketplace.

Well, enjoy all of the new features!

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Warning System/Points System added
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